10 SETS rules for a healthy lifestyle, at the beginning of the school year:

"10 SETS rules for a healthy lifestyle, at the beginning of the school year:"

First day of school. A day full of emotions, both for children and for parents. We mobilize our forces to help them have a good year at school and to keep them in shape.

What are the favorite food plates in our family? Do we have reasons to make a change? Is it beneficial to exercises daily with our child? These are 3 simple questions from which we can begin to recalibrate the diet and daily schedule of our family so that both the child and ourselves have more energy to perform at school and at the office, and to be healthy.

Let us therefore recall, at the beginning of the school year, 10 simple rules related to a healthy family life style. We can display them anywhere in the house, at sight, and we can follow them:

  1. In the morning we open the window, ventilate, make simple exercises of gymnastics with the child, wash ourselves, brush our teeth thoroughly, and dress with clean clothes;
  2. We all take breakfast, in a pleasant atmosphere. We start the day with good mood;
  3. At 10.00 am, whether we are at school or at the office, we have a small snack that can be prepared from home: a fruit or a small sandwich seasoned with lots of salad;
  4. We hydrate ourselves all day long, drinking at least 1.5 – 2 liters of liquids – flat water is a good choice;
  5. Easy lunch should not be missed. Fresh vegetables should always be present in the menu;
  6. A new snack in the afternoon: the fruits will bring us vitamins;
  7. The hours allocated to the child’s study – the time he spends watching television, playing at computer or games, will be carefully monitored and limited by us, the parents. We provide daily the necessary time to play with friends for physical activity! Weekly, we organize cultural activities that will add to its personal development, and to the whole family.
  8. Before dinner and in the weekend, we walk, play with our kid outdoors, or maybe practice with him or separately, our favorite sports. We are the model;
  9. In the evening, until 19.00, it is good to have dinner with all the family, where everybody will be participating in preparing the meal. It is preferable the food to be cooked at home, to be light and served in moderate amounts;
  10. Finish the day with time for personal hygiene. After some family moments before bed, we all benefit from a good night’s sleep of at least 7-9 hours, in the air-conditioned room in advance.
“These good habits can easily be part of the everyday life of our whole family. The beginning of the school year, after a well-deserved vacation, is one of the moments when we can redefine our lifestyle. Take advantage!”, said Silvia Bucur, President of the PRAIS Foundation.

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