Together, we promote the well-being of the younger generation and prevent childhood obesity!

"Together, we promote the well-being of the younger generation and prevent childhood obesity!"

Through the projects created and developed, the PRAIS Foundation has been supporting for 16 years the state of well-being and the education of the young generation for a balanced lifestyle. The national movement “I’m living healthy, too!” – SETS, one of the longest-running projects, has benefited from national and international recognition, turning into a social, institutional and support platform for partners contributing to the new SETS2020.

The new direction of the SETS national movement aims at a three-year program based on both existing benchmarks and a new approach: promoting a healthy lifestyle through balanced nutrition, physical and sports activities, the importance of quality sleep, moral values and of hydration, with an emphasis on general well being.

“We are fully committed to building another kind of progress. We promote the diversity and social inclusion of young people from vulnerable environments. Thus, we launched this year’s SETS2020 pilot edition in 10 communes and villages in the counties of Prahova and Timis, where over 1,500 children in the primary cycle benefit from information and activities that promote the prevention of childhood obesity and the importance of daily exercises. We can be proud that, for the seventh consecutive year, 6,194 primary school pupils from 22 schools in Bucharest and Ploiesti benefited this spring from over 160 direct activations supported by SETS volunteers and the National University of Physical Education and Sports” , said Silvia Bucur, President of the PRAIS Foundation, the initiator of the project.

As active members of the Epode International Network – EIN, the largest global alliance for preventing childhood obesity and promoting a balanced lifestyle that brings together similar programs in 23 countries, the SETS2020 national movement continues to deliver extracurricular education to schools and inform the general public through the Facebook @Miscareasets Facebook page and the portal.

In the new contests SETS2020: SETS 10 minutes – Easy running and SETS GymClass – Gymnastics in the classroom, the students, along with the teachers, organised volunterily physical and sports activities in the school facilities in the 2017-2018 school year. The spring edition of the SETS GymClass contest attracted 6,744 students who held 1,581 gymnastic sessions, totaling 263 hours of physical activity. Another PRAIS contest is #SETSFlashmob, where teachers, alongside students, have been invited to realize the concept, choreography and filmmaking of a flashmob, promoting directly among friends, family and acquaintances the joy of moving. The contest brought together 138 flashmobs, attended by 9,751 pupils and 491 teachers from the primary schools in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Ploiesti, Roman and Timisoara, and the selected municipalities from Prahova and Timis counties, stimulating creativity and spirit team of students.

From 2011 until now, the SETS national movement was present in 250 schools in Bucharest, Timisoara Cluj-Napoca, Ploiesti, Otopeni, Roman. It reached 179,947 students in IV-grade preparatory courses and their families, 3,000 teaching staff, 2 million public. 591 volunteers from UNEFS and SETS supported 621 open lessons in schools attended by over 33,774 students.

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