SETS Open lessons, a pleasant approach in promoting a balanced lifestyle

"SETS Open lessons, a pleasant approach in promoting a balanced lifestyle"

The new edition of the “I’m living healthy, too!” national movement continued this year with the famous SETS open lessons, supported by volunteers from the National University of Physical Education and Sport Bucharest (UNEFS) and the Romanian Fencing Federation.

This year, a total of 165 open lessons were held by the PRAIS Foundation team, alongside 87 UNEFS volunteer students – true role models for children. Organized in 24 schools from Bucharest and Ploiesti, the lessons gathered more than 7.210 pupils from grades preparatory – IV, along with their teachers. The children did physical exercise, witnessed fencing demonstrations provided by performance athletes and enjoyed educational games. The pupils also received useful tips about sleep, healthy eating, hydration and good body posture.

The open lessons are part of the activities developed for pupils within the SETS2020 movement, as an informal education tool, initiated by the PRAIS Foundation. The UNEFS students were happy to offer useful tips about physical exercise, which promote a balanced lifestyle.

From 2011 until now, the PRAIS Foundation has organized 624 open lessons, attended by 34.795 pupils from the primary cycle. Almost 600 students from UNEFS were involved in these activities, which took place in active schools within the SETS2020 national movement.

Being greatly appreciated by schoolchildren, teachers and parents, the SETS open lessons are an informal and fun way of promoting a balanced lifestyle and well-being.

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