SETS2020 chose its winners

"SETS2020 chose its winners"

At the end of June, a new edition of “I’m living healthy, too!” – SETS2020 national movement has come to an end, bringing with it outstanding results from the pupils, supported by teachers, parents, friends and many others.

To pursue its goals of promoting a balanced lifestyle and well-being, 3 new competitions were developed for the 2017-2018 edition of SETS2020: SETS Gymclass, 10 minutes SETS and #SETSFlashmob, adding to them, the much-loved SETS drawing contest.

In the SETS Gymclass, 11.413 pupils and 461 teachers organized 5-10 minute sessions of gymnastics in the classroom, with easy exercises, at the beginning of class. The primary cycle pupils chose their own exercises, demonstrating their creativity. Thus, the 5-10 minutes of gymnastics have become a relaxing moment that children can repeat whenever they want. 105 schools have actively participated in the competition, with 49 of them becoming winners. The 2.878 sessions of 5-10 gymnastics have made the SETS Gymclass competition the most popular contest of this edition!

Through the 10 minute SETS – Easy running competition, we aimed to turn easy running, for 10 minutes, into a relaxing moment. The activities were held in the courtyard, the gym or the sports ground without the necessity of special sports equipment. The number of participants was impressive: 5.874 pupils and 227 teachers which recorded 2.031 activities, which means 3.385 cumulative hours of easy running! Of the 56 schools that participated, 38 were awarded.

Fun was on the menu in the most “danceable” SETS2020 contest, #SETSFlashmob! Under the coordination of a teacher, pupils danced to a choreography of their own design. They filmed it and then it was posted on the Facebook page, with the goal of getting as many likes as possible. 138 flash mobs were made by pupils from grades preparatory – IV, from Bucharest, Ploiesti, Timisoara, Roman, Cluj-Napoca, as well as from 14 rural communities in Timis and Prahova counties. 9.751 pupils were involved in the competition, supported by 491 teachers. All participants from the 82 active schools received diplomas and gifts. A number of 102 flash mobs were deemed the winners of the competition.

The pupils who participated in the 3 competitions were awarded in special ceremonies, organized by their teachers, in their respective schools. The ceremonies were photographed and the pictures posted on the Facebook page, in a collage form, where they could be appreciated by the page visitors. The PRAIS team participated in a number of ceremonies, with the intent to award, applaud and congratulate the children for their creativity and hard work.

The SETS drawing contest remains one of the most appreciated competitions by the pupils. In this edition, the children from the preparatory and first grade, were invited to send us their drawings. They had to follow a certain theme, such as “The happy world of my favorite fruits and vegetables”, “The dream pillow for a good night’s sleep” and “My friends matter”. The themes, which changed periodically, showed us the talent and creativity of the children. A total of 1.892 drawings were sent between October 2017 and May 2018. Out of these, 219 won.

The 2017-2018 edition of SETS2020 was present in 5 cities: Bucharest, Ploiesti, Roman, Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca, as well as in 14 rural communities from Prahova and Timis. Within the new 2017-2018 edition, we have developed a pilot project for the rural environment as well. Of all these areas, 107 schools actively participated.

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