99.7% of the respondents believe that the national movement “I’m living healthy too!” – SETS2020 has a positive impact on the behavior and lifestyle habits of pupils 6 – 12 years old

"99.7% of the respondents believe that the national movement “I’m living healthy too!” – SETS2020 has a positive impact on the behavior and lifestyle habits of pupils 6 – 12 years old"

As part of the national movement “I’m living healthy, too!” – SETS2020, the PRAIS Foundation team conducted a survey to assess the impact of the new edition of the SETS2020 national movement, applied to the members of the teaching staff from 101 active schools in 5 cities: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Ploiești, Roman, Timișoara and 14 rural communities from Prahova and Timiș counties. The assessment was based on the answers to 377 questionnaires filled in by the teachers from 71 schools, between May – June 2018.

99.7% of the respondents declared that the national movement “I’m living healthy, too!” – SETS2020 has a positive impact on the behavior and lifestyle habits of pupils of the primary school cycle.

The results of this edition were possible due to the continuous activation and diversification in schools of the open lessons addressed to children, as well as to the various theme competitions promoting a balanced lifestyle, wellbeing, diversity, social inclusion and talent of pupils outside the school, while also fostering their teamwork skills, good interpersonal relations, self-esteem and the respect for others.

Since the launch, the social media platform, via the www.sets.ro portal, the Facebook page @MiscareaSETS and the YouTube channel @MiscareaSETS, were among the key tools of communication with the children’s families, their friends and teachers.

Thus, at the end of the annual edition of Facebook@MiscareaSETS, 27.038 de pupils voluntarily signed up with the help of 1.178 members of the teaching staff, 5.047 SETS activities, totaling 5.949 hours, according to the answers given by the teachers actively involved in the competitions.

The three new physical activities – competitions carried out at the same time in the schools from the cities and rural areas – registered a strong participation: SETS GymClass – 36%, 10 Minute SETS – 34%, and SETS Flashmob with 30%. 105 schools signed up in the SETS GymClass competition, with 2.878 activities made by 11.413 pupils, under the coordination of more than 460 teachers. 138 flashmobs were registered from 82 schools, where 9.751 primary cycle pupils participated, coordinated by 491 teachers. And for the 10 Minute SETS competition, 5.874 pupils and 227 members of the teaching staff conducted 2.031 activities, involving 56 schools from the SETS2020 cities and rural communities.

The key allies of the movement are the parents, who actively supported, for 8 years, the involvement of the children in the SETS2020 national movement, which they consider beneficial, almost unanimously (99.5%).

“The goals of PRAIS Foundation are to educate the young generation for the future! For 16 years, our national and cross-country projects have been focusing on youth access to resources, education, culture and moral values, promoting talent, diversity, social inclusion and care for nature. Wellbeing and a balanced lifestyle are social causes we support. All our social marketing projects are based on internationally acknowledged methodologies, through which we make our direct contribution to ensuring a knowledge-based education of the young generation. Together, we carry on!”, stated Silvia Bucur, President of PRAIS Foundation.

The development of the movement in the rural area was a success in the 14 activated communities. In just 3 months, 2.144 pupils and 121 teachers from 14 schools performed 366 activities and were rewarded for their achievements.

A new chapter of the SETS2020 national movement will continue over the next 2 years, emphasizing on the measurable benefits of daily exercise and mass sports, supported through educational activities which will promote, in a holistic manner, a varied and balanced nutrition, hydration, personal hygiene, development of good relations at home and in the society, by actively contributing to the wellbeing of the children and their families.

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