Pet School = Well-informed pupils with happy pets!

"Pet School = Well-informed pupils with happy pets!"

Launched in Romania in 2019, the Pet School project, implemented by the PRAIS Foundation, presents the Purina mission to teach future generations of animal lovers to take care of them responsibly.

The second edition of the Pet School extracurricular project recorded outstanding results: 16 primary schools from Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca actively involved, 8,125 pupils, 299 teachers and over 16,000 members of their families met Max the dog and Luna the cat, the two main characters of the project.

Through the educational video materials and the guides with information and interactive games distributed for free, pupils explored the world of pets with the two characters, with the help of their teachers.

Max and Luna accompanied them in the world of dogs and cats and gave them information about their history, hygiene, language, health, superpowers, breeds and how it is good to behave around them. The drawing contest with the theme “The fascinating world of puppies and cats”, held between November 2020 and March 2021, was very successful, as evidenced by the 1,972 drawings entered in the contest. The novelty of the edition was the activity “A day with my puppy or my cat!”, in which over 280 pupils sent materials with and about their pets.

During the 2 editions of the project, 13,745 pupils from preparatory to 4th classes, along with more than 500 teachers from 26 schools from Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca benefited from educational materials and made, 3,570 works to be entered in the thematic drawing contest.

The first edition of the Pet School project in Romania implemented by the PRAIS Foundation with the support of Nestlé Romania through its Purina Pet Care category, obtained GOLD in the animal protection category within the Community Index 2020, the first and only index of programs and projects developed by companies from Romania who invest in communities.

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