Founder’s Message

The objectives of the PRAIS Foundation are dedicated to educating the young generation for the future! Since 2002, our national and cross-countries projects have focused on young generation’s access to resources, education, culture and moral values, promoting talent, diversity, social inclusion, care for nature. Well-being, balanced lifestyle are social causes that we support. Our social marketing projects are based on internationally recognized methodologies, by which we directly contribute to the young generation’s education based on knowledge.
We live in an era where access to technology, the Internet, life in the city limits dramatically the time allocated to movement, at any age. That is why we have proposed to change the lifestyle habits of young people based on motivating and stimulating methodologies. The quality of time spent with family, friends and colleagues, positive attitudes towards novelty, towards knowledge and fully assuming moral values, self-respect and respect of the others are important messages with which we want to contribute to the adoption of a harmonious and healthy lifestyle by the younger generation..
We also believe that the family has a decisive role in this collective effort, so we want it to be well informed about the importance of spending quality time, in nature, practicing daily physical activities by children. The PRAIS Foundation aims to create an active community of your children, adolescents, friends, colleagues and your families together with your partners, with you. As volunteers, we will be involved in a series of beautiful actions to promote a healthy, energetic, full of vitality lifestyle based on moral values, the desire of knowledge and the joy of living.

Together we will make the difference!
Silvia Bucur, President of the PRAIS Foundation



The national movement “I’m living healthy, too!” – SETS The results of the new fast learning methodologies, at the end of its 11th edition

The 11th edition of the national movement “I’m living healthy, too!” – SETS, initiated by the PRAIS Foundation in partnership with Nestlé Romania, finished with significant results after a complex school year, in which pupils studied mainly at home – online. The PRAIS Foundation team created a series of new methodologies, using SETS digital platforms, … read more

Pet School = Well-informed pupils with happy pets!

Launched in Romania in 2019, the Pet School project, implemented by the PRAIS Foundation, presents the Purina mission to teach future generations of animal lovers to take care of them responsibly. The second edition of the Pet School extracurricular project recorded outstanding results: 16 primary schools from Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca actively involved, 8,125 pupils, 299 … read more

The PRAIS Foundation team supported and implemented the Nestlé Romania project of donating over 800 pieces of furniture to educational institutions in Prahova County

The PRAIS Foundation team successfully supported and implemented the Nestlé Romania project of donating over 800 pieces of furniture to several educational institutions in Prahova County. The project was carried out in partnership with the Prahova County School Inspectorate. Through this action, 20 middle schools and high schools, the Children’s Palace, the Teachers’ House and … read more