Best Flashmob 2017 – Spring edition

The spring edition of the Best Flashmob Competition has gathered 63 videos! The competition, which took place in May 2017, involved over 1,500 students from 58 high schools: 32 theoretical lyceums and 26 technical high schools, along with 93 teachers. Of the 63 Flashmobs entered in the contest, 34 have been declared winners and have … read more

Together, we promote the well-being of the younger generation and prevent childhood obesity!

Through the projects created and developed, the PRAIS Foundation has been supporting for 16 years the state of well-being and the education of the young generation for a balanced lifestyle. The national movement “I’m living healthy, too!” – SETS, one of the longest-running projects, has benefited from national and international recognition, turning into a social, … read more

We chose to be cultural creative!

The PRAIS team has created and developed 15 national social marketing projects that have positively affected, over 16 years, large communities, promoting knowledge-based progress, access to education, personal development and culture of the younger generation, care for environment, moral values and ethics. Branding specialization, implementation methodologies, and high degree of partner loyalty have been the … read more

Teenagers. The creatives of tomorrow!

More than a year ago, we created a new community-based social marketing project that addresses an important social cause: the well-being of teenagers. The initiative of the PRAIS Foundation team – “We are the young generation!” – started from a UNICEF report from 2013, according to which Romania is the last in Europe in terms … read more

SETS2020 joins the Global Education Week

Joining the initiative of the North-South Center of the Council of Europe, the PRAIS team organized, during 18-26 November 2017, an activity as part of the Global Education Week. The activity, called “My Friends Matters”, addressed children in the primary classes of the most active SETS schools involved in the movement and consisted of a … read more

SETS2020 at the INDAGRA International Fair

In order to benefit from the opportunity to present the national movement and to provide advice from the Scientific Council, the SETS2020 national movement was present at the INDAGRA International Fair at the Romalimenta stand. Educational materials were shared during the event, which took place between 25-28 October 2017.

The PRAIS team goes to Ploiesti!

On 28th of September 2017, the PRAIS Foundation team discussed with the local coordinators at the educational unit level about the new activities within the SETS2020 national movement. The results of SETS2020 movement, the PRAIS Foundation brand, as well as the plans for the new school year, were presented using the informative materials distributed at … read more

National Fencing Championship for children

Between 17th and 28th of June, the PRAIS Foundation was a partner in the National Children’s Fencing Championship in 2017. The event took place in “Ana Pascu” Hall in Bucharest and gathered 600 youngsters from all the fencing clubs in the country, representing all three weapons: foil, épée, and sabre. The winners received from the … read more