Millions of people, millions of trees

“I would like to express my deep appreciation to the PRAIS Foundation for launching a national tree planting project under the theme “Millions of People – Millions of Trees”.

This is actually in line with UNEP’s vision as the Plant for the PlanetBillion Tree Campaign has entered a new wave. I have set a new goal to catalyze the planting of 7 billions trees (one tree per person on the planet). 

It is in this context that I urge you to appeal to the Romanian people to plant 22 million trees-one tree for every Romanian in the next 18 months.

Once again, congratulations on having spearheaded a people-centered movement in Romania, which counts two UNESCO biosphere reserves, and where forest cover is needed especially in low lying areas and along rivers and lakes.

I wish you success in your endeavours and look forward to our continuing partnership.”

Achim Steiner
Executive Director United Nations Environment Programme


The power of the example is green

Since its launching in September 2006 and by October 2011, with over 700 organizations, 136,898 employees and 115,084 volunteers, the national movement “Millions of people, Millions of trees” has registered a record number of plantations nationwide: over 66 million trees and 28 millions of shrubs and plan.

The movement is officially recognized by the United Nations for Environment Program (UNEP) and is run under the aegis of UNEP’s “Plant for the Planet” global program. This recognition is based on the contribution of the Romanian movement to the United Nations Environment Program – the “One Billion Trees” campaign.