You are not alone!

The project “You are not alone, we will find the path together!”, launched by PRAIS Corporate Communications in 2001, consisted of a National Competition for Community Journalism addressing mass-media institutions – written press, radio, television – the first such contest in Romania. The competition was initiated and supported by PRAIS Foundation, in its action to become actively invol programmes developed to the benefit of the Romanian society.

Program objectives

The main objective of this competition was to launch a public debate in the mass-media, on the topic of abandoned children in Romania and the social and economic causes which drove this situation, changing the mentality of the communities, of those who decide our faith, as well as the families and youngsters preparing to step into life. Another aim was also to educate the community about the importance of family, keeping the moral values and affective climate for children development, with focus on education, solidarity and mutual help at social level in periods of difficulty.