“We are the moving generation!” – a national project for high-school pupils, at its second edition

PRAIS Foundation recently launched the second edition of the national project “We are the moving generation!”. Starting this year, it is developed in 170 high-schools from 14 towns and 2 communes: Bucharest, Ploiesti, Timisoara, Cluj – Napoca, Brasov, Codlea, Fagaraş, Predeal, Rasnov, Rupea, Sacele, Victoria, Zarneşti, Bran, and the communes of Feldioara and Prejmer. The … read more

EPHE survey: In Romania, a child spends about 22.7 hours/week in front of a computer or TV screen

PRAIS Foundation, the initiator of the national movement „I’m living healthy, too!” – SETS, has implemented the three-year project EPHE – „EPODE for the promotion of health equality”. The methodologies and the results of the extracurricular educational project SETS were monitored on a representative sample of 180 families from Otopeni town. The same research was … read more

15.000 students are part of the community “We are the moving generation!”

The national program “We are the moving generation!” recently awarded the winners from 2 participating cities in the annual competition: Bucharest – 9th and 10th grade-students from “Miguel de Cervantes” Bilingual Theoretical High-school who voluntarily completed 212 physical and sports activities during their leisure time, totaling 265 hours and Ploieşti – students from “Alexandru Ioan … read more

10% to 20% decrease in obesity prevalence: 15 European Community Based Programmes (CBPs) meet in Bucharest to share best practices in obesity prevention at the European Obesity Forum

EPODE International Network (EIN), the world’s largest obesity and NCDs prevention network, in partnership with the PRAIS Foundation – SETS Movement, holds the first European Obesity Forum, in Bucharest from 16th to 18th October 2013. This event is an exceptional opportunity for the CBPs from all over Europe and their multi-stakeholder supporters to share best … read more

Obesity can be successfully prevented

As part of the national movement “I’m living healthy, too!” – SETS, at the initiative of PRAIS Foundation, a sociologic study of Bucharest 1st graders’ lifestyle habits was conducted by GfK Romania. The official launch of the second SETS edition will further target the achievement of the objectives related to the prevention of child obesity … read more

The tomato can „play a double meal”

The fact that the famous fruit – yes, tomato is a fruit, with a history of over 3,000 years and origins in the Andes Cordillera – has numerous beneficial effects on health, is no longer a secret. The tomato contains 90% water, easily digestible by the human body and makes up the ideal base for … read more