Redirect 3.5% of income tax to support PRAIS Foundation’s educational programs

For 21 years we have been supporting the young generation’s access to knowledge, resources, culture, education focused on valuing talent, well-being, healthy lifestyle, care for nature, based on moral values, ethics and civic spirit.

For more than 2 decades, together with the Scientific Council of the PRAIS Foundation, which includes renowned doctors, psychologists, university professors, and Olympic athletes, we have developed over 15 national and cross-country projects, based on innovative methodologies, recognized and awarded internationally, which have changed the lives of over 430,000 children and their families for the better.

Now, in 2023 we continue to develop 2 major national projects: the 12th edition of the National Movement “I Live Healthy, too! – SETS”, its main objectives are to inform pupils and their families about the benefits of a balanced diet, hydration, sleep quality, personal hygiene, daily physical movement, sports, as well as about the importance of well-being and the social inclusion of pupils with special needs and from disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as the 2nd edition of the national program “Blue Planet Counts on You – PACT”, through which we aim to reconnect with nature the pupils from the primary school cycle, stimulating them to make simple gestures at home and at school through which they can protect the nature and the natural resources of the planet every day.

Over 80,000 students from 500 schools in the country are involved this year in these 2 major projects, along with over 4,000 teachers and over 2 million people of the general public.

Join us and our partners, help changing the lives of children in Romania for the better!



You can choose to redirect 3.5% of your income tax through your company, with a request (partially completed form: Form 230 PRAIS) addressed to the economic / human resources department, making sure to include the following data:

  • name of the non-profit entity: PRAIS Foundation
  • fiscal identification code: 14428598
  • Bank account: B.R.D. – Victoria Branch, IBAN RON: RO50 BRDE 445S V671 0957 4450

The decision to redirect the 3.5% through your company belongs to you, and the company is obliged to provide you with the necessary details and to support you in this regard. In the request addressed to the financial / human resources department, you can choose the redirection period, of one or two consecutive fiscal years, as well as the amount from the percentage of 3.5% that you want to redirect.

Thanks for your involvement!