In 2002, the consultancy company PRAIS Corporate Communications decided to establish PRAIS Foundation, to foster and support the development in the fields of: education of the young generation, environmental protection, culture.

PRAIS Foundation works with organizations, national and international institutions with the purpose of unifying resources, abilities and talents from different backgrounds, and put all of these to work on the benefit of a sustainable society model.

PRAIS actively supports the social sustainability model and act towards the implementation of such model of sustainable society through all its developed responsibility programs covering four main sectors: Ecological Lifestyles, Sustainable Economy, Healthy Lifestyles, Personal Development.

These are the 4 main direction of  LOHAS’  culture  (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) – PRAIS being its initiator in Romania.

Starting 2008, PRAIS Foundation was the first entity in Romania providing consultancy in developing LOHAS-inspired programs.

“Let’s choose a different kind of progress! We shall be the strong voice that promotes: a world with access to education, culture and moral values, a healthy lifestyle, the care for nature, and the joy of living!” 

Silvia Bucur, PRAIS Foundation President



Based on LOHAS 4 pillars, PRAIS Foundation is creating large scale educational programs and movements targeting the young generation, their families and the general public.  Its team promotes the voluntarism, the access to education and culture, to the moral values, and the civic attitude.

PRAIS Foundation’s Team, June 2018

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