Oltenita in motion!

About the program

“Oltenita in motion!” is an extracurricular educational project, initiated in 2017, by the PRAIS Foundation, which addresses pupils from the preparatory classes to 4th grades from the city with the same name. The main objective of this project was to promote physical activity among students in Oltenita, through easy running for 10 minutes daily, by creating running clubs in each participating school and by participating in the final of the intra-school competitions.

Implementation and results of the project:

The educational project “Oltenita in motion!” aims to build an active community of students through a premiere: engaging them daily or several times a week in light physical activities at schools, outside of physical education classes, including children who can not run for medical reasons: they could walk 10 minutes alongside their peers on the same path.

Open lessons in dance steps involved approximately 900 students from preparatory classes to 4th graders from the 5 schools in the city. There have been 5 open lessons where children have learned simple street dance steps under the close supervision of two choreographers.

Running club results show students’ and teachers’ receptivity to activities that promote regular motion. There were 280 activities involving 588 students from 25 classes from all schools in the city.

800 pupils from the 5 schools in the city attended the “Oltenita in motion!” intra-school competitions. They ran for a minimum distance of 300 m, by class. All participants received gifts and diplomas, and the first 3 students who crossed the finish line received medals and diplomas of excellence. The PRAIS Foundation, together with the Founding Partner of the project, Panovia, awarded the most active classes, schools and teachers.