Thousands of primary school students formed the first national community within the “Blue Planet Counts on You!” – PACT project

"Thousands of primary school students formed the first national community within the “Blue Planet Counts on You!” – PACT project"

More than 11,000 students from 150 schools located in 110 urban and rural localities in 29 counties, coordinated by more than 500 teaching staff participated actively in the 2nd edition of the national educational project “The Blue Planet Counts on You!” PACT, initiated by the PRAIS Foundation team in partnership with Nestlé Romania. Through their involvement, they have become real examples to follow in the community.

In total, 20,000 students from 230 primary schools, from 34 counties in the country and over 900 teachers were able to access the educational materials and PACT activities.

Starting from the idea that “Care for nature is learned from childhood!”, using modern quick learning methodologies, e-Books, short educational films and developing intra-school planting activities with the theme “Plant, take care of a flower, a shrub, a tree!” Give it a name!”, the PRAIS Foundation team contributed again this year to reconnecting students with nature.

“Within the II edition of the PACT national project, we focused our efforts on forming the first strong and responsible community of school-age children who learned, coordinated by their teachers, and participated highly motivated in activities aimed at contributing to the protection of nature, through simple, everyday gestures, reproduced at home and at school”, said Silvia Bucur, President of the PRAIS Foundation.

The learning and practical activities within the national PACT project were much loved by the students, allowing them to assimilate some basic knowledge related to the flora and fauna of the planet, the importance of conserving its natural resources.

280 teachers and 7,000 students implemented 5,100 sessions of planting and caring for flowers, shrubs and trees. The teachers voluntarily got involved in the direct promotion of thousands of student activities on the PACT social media platforms.

The PACT thematic drawing activity recorded over 5,500 works in which can be found the students’ messages regarding their concern for the planet Earth.

“One of Nestlé’s goals is to make sure we use the planet’s resources wisely. We consider that the PACT national project responds to an acute need for action through education – starting from childhood – on the topic of environmental protection. We support this initiative and the community created around the values ​​we believe in, because, really, the blue planet matters to all of us!”, declared Irina Siminenco, Corporate Affairs Manager, Nestlé Romania.

The impact study carried out at the end of the 2nd PACT edition shows that 100% of the respondents – teachers believe that participating in the project’s activities helped the students to adopt habits that contribute to protecting the planet. At the same time, 98.9% of the teachers who answered the questionnaire confirmed that the students’ parents also highly appreciated the usefulness of the project, which is why they directly supported the children’s involvement.

Special results obtained within the national project “The Blue Planet Counts on You!” PACT also owes to the support offered by the School Inspectorate of the Municipality of Bucharest and the County School Inspectorates of Buzau, Cluj, Neamt and Timis.




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